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"Half the dharma is accomplished in travel."  Tibetan Budhist proverb


The other half it seems involves devoting one's energies in the direction of one's dreams.  Find throughout this site various collections of dreams.


I reckon I've been an actor since I was seven years old, though it took me five times that length of time to allow myself to take that dream seriously.  The photo of me on the front page is my actor's headshot.  It was taken by my friend, Michael Berz of, "A Dancing Eye" photography.  The Resume link is for acting purposes


Photography is to frame and compose such truth and beauty as surround me.  From the first cube "Brownie" I had as a kid, the quietness of mind as I have when I'm looking through the viewfinder is a zen experience.   As I've come to assemble this website I've accessed such photos as are available to me.  Most of what is presented to date are scanned analogues from my Pentax K1000 back in the day.  I used it in recording some of my studio work in recycled hockey sticks and some carvings.  I provide them as examples of my three dimensional dreams Canadiana and carving. 


The camera I am now using is  Nikon D600--hugely versatile in both dgital stills and videography.  The dream lives on...

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